I'm For Frome

How can you help

IfF you like how we work and would like us to continue what we have started there are three ways that you can help.

Spread the word.

You can help enormously just by explaining to friends and family that we are a different sort of council, One that gets thing done. Through conversations, through social networks, following our rss feed. You can like and share our page at www.facebook.com/IndependentsforFrome and follow and retweet us at twitter.com/If_Frome It all helps.

Offer your time.

We would like to let everybody know about our successes and achievements. You can help by volunteering. This could mean anything from leafleting and helping distribute posters, or agreeing to help at a fundraiser for us. Please register your willingness to volunteer at 2015@iffrome.org.uk

Contribute financially.

We don’t need much, less than a thousand pounds will do it but printing leaflets, posters etc does cost money and any amount that you can contribute will be gratefully received. A crowdfunding page will be set up over the next couple of weeks so please watch this space.
Any monies left over following the campaign will be gifted to Fair Frome.

Download posters and leaflets.

Go to the Resources page and download and print off posters and leaflets.

Sign up to help the campaign

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