Our Successes

IfF is a group of local people who care about our community and want to do the best for Frome. We came together in 2011 when Frome voted for an IfF town council. Spot the DIfFerence four years have made…

Sustainable funding for positive change
The Cheese and Grain has a new look and new facilities. It is now self-financing and more popular than ever.

Investing in and protecting our open space
The showground is safe from further development, the Dippy and Whatcombe Fields belong to Frome and we’ve provided nearly 100 more allotments for local people.

Supporting local people
Fair Frome provide a valuable service including a well used food bank, a credit union and community lunches.

Education, training and play
amongst others we’ve supported the Welshmill pump track, the Children’s Festival, Edventure, Mindset, new equipment and games area in Mary Bailey Playing Field and the Roller Disco.

Clean and green
Our electric car club is cheaper and greener than owning a car; we won a major Green Energy award in 2014; solar panels are reducing energy use AND earning money for Frome.

These are some of our proudest achievements and we’ve lots more big ideas for our small town.

Vote IfF on 2nd May and keep our council open, active and Independent.
Promoted by T Eliot of 28 Broadway Frome BA11 3HA
on behalf of Independents for Frome.

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