The Independent Market is now the biggest curated monthly market in the country. We can’t take all the credit but without the ideas and energy of ifF councillors it would not be attracting thousands of visitors a month to Frome where the vast majority of stall holders are local.

Frome Independent Market

Frome Independent Market (© Dan Hopkins 2014)


On occasion a council must be reactive and move quickly and the way that IfF work enables this. In 2013 the council fought off interest from Milton Keynes and make a decision in a matter of hours to allow Jensen Button to drive his F1 car in his home town at the Extravaganza. The night turned into one of the best celebrations the town has known, with over 100,000 hits recorded on Facebook.


Frome Extravaganza

Frome Extravaganza (© Dan Hopkins 2013)

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