A familiar question

“How can I know what I’ll get from a group of independents?”


It’s a question we’ve heard and answered before. But it becomes more relevant as people’s attention is naturally drawn from local issues to the general election.sheep


If you’re looking for manifesto style commitments you won’t get them from IfF. Manifestos are dangerous things (as we’ve seen nationally). They are a response to a point in time but expected to be delivered in an uncertain future.


Rather than developing policy based on an ideology, IfF candidates commit to working with each other, discussing and debating what’s best for Frome and agreeing to disagree. The standard political party response to this approach is that it is bound to fail because you need strong ideology and an identifiable group to make decisions and get things done. However, four years of an IfF led town council has shown that that simply isn’t true.


So what you will get with a new IfF led town council is a commitment (agreed by all 17 candidates) to focus on:

  • Completing the Town Hall and Showfield projects
  • Focus on sport and healthy living
  • Push for the right mix of housing, green space and employment (using the neighbourhood plan)
  • Look to attract more significant investment into the town

All the while giving the people of the town the opportunity to set the priorities. You’ll also get strong, informed decision making by a range of people with a real passion for the town rather than for politics.


Now, just for a minute, let’s pretend that that’s not good enough for you, that is not what you want from your town council. What’s your alternative? Depending on which ward you live in you’ve got between one and four national parties to choose from. Each of those parties has published a manifesto full of promises. Your challenge is to find anything Frome specific in any of them.


So, that’s your choice. A diverse group of ambitious independent individuals making decisions for Frome or party politicians signed up to a national way of thinking. Perhaps the question you should be asking is ‘What kind of town council do I get from the national parties?’.

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