Election by numbers

Any election is, of course, about the numbers. Votes cast, swings, turnouts and polls. Unsurprisingly there are no polls for the town council; no one has ever thought it was worth the cost but there are some numbers that are worth considering before we get to the stage of counting votes.

And again…?

I had assumed that it would be an easy decision. After the surprise of getting elected had worn off (and it did take a couple of months) I assumed that I would be thoroughly sick of being a town councillor in four years time and that I be glad to pass the baton on. When the time to make a decision came I wasn’t lacking reasons to give it up: the unsociable hours, apparently endless meetings, the frustration of a district council that appeared to take the polar opposite approach and party politicians who believed their role was to object to whatever any IfF councillor suggested just on principle. And yet here I am throwing my hat in to the ring again. So, how come I’m back here with 16 others fighting for another Independent town council? There are two reasons. Firstly, I’ve really come to believe in the importance of independent politics. Last time it might have been more about replacing a non functioning council. Now, having seen what the parties offer locally, how much more a group of independents can achieve and how important it has become for our town to make our own decisions I’m determined to do all I can to keep our town independent. It turns out that that has meant signing up for another four years. Secondly, if I’m honest I’ve quite enjoyed it. I’ve met so many people and seen so many amazing things that go in this wonderful, strange and diverse town of ours that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across. Also, the process of bringing together a group of people...