By-election in Market Ward

Why is there a by-election in Market Ward?


In 2015 IfF candidates won all 17 seats on Frome Town Council. The earlier this year one of our number moved out of the town – an event which had not been planned back in 2015. He hasn’t gone far and could have decided to continue with his role as town councillor but felt that, in the true spirit of democracy, he should stand down.


That opened up the possibility of a by-election, but it required 10 registered voters from the ward to request that there was a contest. This happened a few weeks ago and so we’re now in the position where Mark Dorrington will contest the vacant seat with three others all of whom represent national political parties.


Mark is a local man who is already heavily involved in the community; as a volunteer for citizen’s advice, Fair Frome and the Carnival among other organisations. He lives in Market ward and we at IfF are very happy that he’s agreed to stand for the town Council. Mark has loads to offer and would be an amazing addition to our vibrant and ambitious Town Council


Whatever happens on March 15 there will still be a majority of IfF councillors on the Town Council (there are still 16 of us). So, why are we doing this? Well, there are two reasons. The first is that providing great independent people to represent the town is our raison d’être; it’s what IfF is for and while people continue to want independents on the town council we’ll keep providing them. The second is that Mark is an exceptional candidate and the Town Council would be brighter and stronger organisation with him elected to it.


Mark’s first election leaflet (including a free window poster) is now available to download.

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