College Ward

Sheila Gore

I’ve been doing the job of councillor for 4 years and therefore will be able to bring continuity to the council’s work. Having owned a shop in town and been Mayor I have experience of business needs and have heard the compliments and complaints of residents and community groups.

• I’ve been a town councillor since the last election as part of the ifF group. It’s tempting to be flippant and say that because of this I’d be an important part of the continuity of the localism principles that ifF has started.

• In my experience, the skills needed to start something are not necessarily the same as those needed for continuation. So, I would like to help work out what is needed to maintain the ideals of the last council with the enthusiasm of the new councillors.

• With so many people who have been councillors leaving and many people across town wishing to support ifF I’d like to develop different ways that the supportive group can inform the ideas and action of the council.

• In the last few years the council has integrated the idea of Participative Budgeting to encourage more involvement of individuals and groups in council spending and democratic decision making. Similarly, the lessons of Community Development enable the voices of residents to be heard more and become more courageous. I’ve found these ways of working inspirational and want to ensure that what we have learnt over the last four years continues to progress.

• I am a trustee at the Frome Heritage Museum and one of the directors of Sustainable Frome. I have been part of SF since it started so feel the resilience/sustainability agenda for FTC is crucial. I worked in the Natural History Museum for 12 years. I’m really keen to help the volunteer-led Frome Museum enable both residents and visitors of all ages to know and understand our heritage. I think this can show how people and place have shaped our town in the past and for the future.

Lizzie Boyle

I’m becoming more active in the community, joining the Board of Frome Renewable Energy Co-op and helping to coordinate Frome Comic Con. Becoming a Town Councillor is an opportunity to play an even more active part in the future of the town, on behalf of its residents and businesses.

I can help Frome on its mission to be a zero carbon town – and make you care about it!

Frome has great community spirit but there are still divisions between different parts of the town: I’m keen to help grow the business and employment base to provide greater opportunity to people and to see how we can collectively address concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour.

By day, I run an environmental consultancy called SE2 ( We help people, communities and organisations to build their capacity to respond to climate change. This has given me a strong knowledge of and interest in environmental sustainability, energy and the built environment. As a small business owner, I have a wide range of skills and experience, complemented by an MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

By night, I’m a writer and publisher of prose, comics and graphic novels. I’ve been published by major UK publisher 2000AD and am guest-editing a comic anthology for them which will be published in June 2019. I am also part of the organising team for Frome Comic Con.

Rob Collett

I’m in my mid-sixties – I’ve spent a lot of my life moving around, working to establish various Buddhist communities: being a jack of all trades. And for the last 15 years I’ve been a psychotherapist helping individuals get to grips with what’s troubling them. Now I’ve retired, I’d like to focus on making the local community in Frome even stronger through helping to build a warm, friendly community spirit. I think this is crucial in getting us into the best place to face the big challenges that the changing climate will bring especially to our children.

I wanted to settle somewhere: and when visiting friends, I could see that Frome lived up to its growing reputation: it had something special.  I’m keen to get involved with the community in Frome and to support projects that benefit the town. I’d like to use my skills to help Frome evolve into a place where everyone feels they have a place.

Frome has a sense of direction that makes it stand out. If elected I’d like to focus on helping more people get involved in our community, making decisions that affect us all, including people who might normally struggle to do so, and getting more decisions made in Frome by those living here. That’s when the best decisions are made.

I’m keen that the ‘green’ policies that have been put in place by Frome Town Council are built on and shown to be relevant and valuable to everyone, all the more especially since the declaration of a Climate Emergency. I would work towards: improving public transport, making the town centre more pedestrian-friendly; preserving and improving the town’s green spaces and river corridor as well as completing the Missing Link multi-user path to link Frome with the national cycle network.

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