Keyford Ward

Rich Ackroyd

I’ve been the town Mayor this year and regard that opportunity as an immense privilege. We have a truly creative, vibrant and resilient town that in my opinion deserves an independent, open and honest council – I hope we’ve managed to achieve that in the last four years.

I’m excited that we are bringing forward lots of new faces. All of them in their own way have great skill sets and much to offer. I would see my role as helping them to grow into worthy ambassadors for Frome.

The Town Council has made massive steps forward but there are still jobs to be completed and problems to solve. It would be great if Frome had delegated control of planning decisions, street cleaning contracts, car parking charges and licensing of premises.

After four years as a town councillor I feel as though I know my way around the maze of organisations and institutions that make up local government. What I really want to do next is to see if we can get the wheels of bureaucracy to turn quicker and more efficiently so that we get faster, quality results and better value for money.

Va Va Frome indeed

Anne Hills

I am proud to live in Frome. It is striking how much Frome has improved since the 1970s when I was growing up here. I believe this is due in no small part to the independence of our town council which is able to put the best interests of the people of Frome at the heart of its decision making. I would welcome the opportunity to serve the people of Frome.

Moved to Frome with family at age 6 in 1972.
Attended St Louis, Selwood & Frome College.
Dad was in Navy then administrator of the Health Centre. Mum was a teacher at Selwood.
Moved away for Polytechnic and first job. Moved back to Frome in 1992 to work in Bath then away again for work in 1995. Continued to regularly visit now widowed Mother.
Mother died in 2013. Moved back to live in the house I grew up in, in 2014.
Worked until June last year as a financial adviser to elderly and otherwise vulnerable clients.

Sara Butler

I’m standing because I believe that the town can benefit from real local people working without party political ideology.

I want to make sure that everyone in Frome has a chance to shape the town’s future in a time of rapid change.

I live in Frome with my husband, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I’ve always been interested in local and national politics, but now I believe the only real way to start making change is to think and act locally. I’ve had a long career in community engagement and believe that everyone should have a meaningful voice. I’m very busy around Frome, mainly with my band, and one thing I especially love is how many opportunities there are to pursue whatever floats your boat!

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