Market Ward

Mark Dorrington

Family moved to Frome in 1962, went through all stages of Frome’s education system
Worked in London for 30 years but family remained here and visited family very frequently
Moved back in 2010 full-time on retirement
Live in Market Ward
CAB advisor volunteer
Fair Frome trustee since formation
Student mentor
Frome Tunnels Project guide
Member of Trinity Community Group
Host charity quizzes
Allotment holder
FTC councillor for Market ward since March 2018
Deputy Mayor
Lead on car parking
Sit on town matters committee, planning advisory group and grants panel

I hope to be re-elected so I can provide continuity between the outgoing council and the new one.

I want to reach groups who may feel left out as they fall between gaps, being neither the disadvantaged in the town nor those who moved here for the lifestyle.

Nick Dove

I want to work with local people to help make our wonderful town a place where residents feel that they are listened to, where they have the opportunity to be active and involved in shaping how Frome remains a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community.

My background is in policing. I’m running as an IfF candidate as I am passionate about my town and want to use my skills and experience to help make Frome a place where people continue to live and work together and build a safe, friendly and inclusive community.

Nick Dove has spent over 35 years working in policing and security in the UK and across the Balkans and Africa. He is currently involved in a building development project and has extensive experience working with local Government on community engagement projects. Married for over 35 years he is a father of two adult children and is a keen cook, gardener and cyclist.

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