Oakfield Ward

Maxine Crawley

I’m a married mother of two young adults . After 12 years working at all levels of local government I’m very keen to use my experience to preserve and enhance our unique town. Having spent a lot of time working with Highways I would use my knowledge to improve road issues in Frome. As a volunteer I’m passionate about finding ways to support vulnerable youngsters as well as isolated older people.

I’m keen to work with local businesses and increase the number of apprenticeships for school leavers. I would love the opportunity to be a strong and independent voice for Frome. We’ve watched the political parties manage the country over recent months. Give me the chance to protect Frome independently so that we can grow and flourish positively


Paul Horton

I’m running for IfF in the town council elections because: I want to be part of a dynamic team building on the amazing achievements of IfF councillors over the last 8 years. I want to see Frome continue to thrive as a visionary town, leading the way in meeting the environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

When I came to Frome from rural Somerset, it immediately felt like a place I could call home. I work as a freelance architectural designer and am passionate about the impact our built environment has on people’s lives and on our planet. I’m also a proud father, a committed Buddhist and a keen cyclist with many years’ experience of all three! I want to see Frome continuing to lead the way as a town which thrives on the creativity and passion of its inhabitants while respecting the limits of the wonderous planet on which we all depend.


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