Park Ward

John Nelson

I am a political economist and for the past 30 years have worked globally on community rights, sustainability and natural resource management issues. I am now mentor to the Earthworm Foundation and specialise in conflict resolution. I grew up in Ohio, went to university in Nashville, met my wife Anne in Mali, and worked in Chicago and Washington DC before landing in London in 1990. Anne and I moved to Frome 23 years ago and raised our 3 wonderful children here. I love wilderness, walking, music and good times with friends, and also mess around presenting Junkshop Jury on Frome FM.

For me, standing is about maintaining IfF momentum and building upon the achievements of the past 8 years, but most importantly it’s about listening to people of Frome to help guide the next exciting phase 🙂

Andy Wrintmore

My name is Andy Wrintmore, I was born in the old Victoria hospital overlooking ‘Park’ ward in the summer of ‘92. I was named after the infamous category 5 hurricane Andrew and I lived up to its namesake with a steady diet of Ritalin, bruises and looking for the answers on the ceiling until I became an Army Cadet at age 13, reaching the rank of Lance Corporal. It was there I became a part of the Cadet band as a side drummer playing for dignitaries, military brass and the royal family. Shortly after that I taught myself to play a full drum kit and studied music at Bath college for 4 years. I’ve since spent the years after leaving COBC hosting a rock show on Frome FM along with syndication in Canada, Mauritius and the US to name a few, whenever I stepped away from radio to focus on touring the UK, Europe and the US in the alternative and punk rock scene, enjoying BBC radio support and drum sessions for multi-platinum artists.

I’ve been a permanent fixture of the town centre for 6 years at my other job in Co-op where I’ve become deeply entwined in the town and its goings on through my interactions with the community. Touring has served to highlight just how special this town is after sampling a multitude of both beautiful and destitute locations.

I believe that my youth, combined with a deep local network to draw upon and customer-service-honed people skills put me in a fantastic position to make meaningful changes to my home town. I was previously a member of the youth council many years ago and see this as the next logical step forward.

I’m particularly interested in assisting projects that benefit young people who are vulnerable or disadvantaged, with emphasis on important addiction support centres/groups such as Turning Points while also championing Frome’s fantastic artistic community. I want to preserve and enhance Frome’s infectious cultural diversity, one of the town’s most endearing traits while making sure that the younger generation and our future social leaders are supported and equipped to enjoy it and prosper.

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