What is ifF?

What is ifF?

Independents for Frome (IfF) is an exciting project trying to make local politics interesting again. We are not a political party but a group of residents from the Somerset town who agree that:

1. National party politics are unhelpful on our town council

2. Improvements can and should be made in the town

3. There should be more openness and involvement in decision making

4.  The town needs strong representation and

5. We can all make the town cleaner and greener

At the start of 2011, dissatisfaction with the decisions being made at the Town Council and concerns about apathy in the voting public lead five friends to call a public meeting. The idea of challenging for all Town Council seats was proposed and warmly received.

A number of interested individuals put themselves forwards and 17 individuals were chosen to stand as candidates. IfF challenged all seats on the Town Council on 5th May 2011. The candidates didn’t all agree on all the issues but all signed up to the principles above. There was a robust but open and positive campaign run by the IfF group between March and May. You can read about the election campaign here.

On Election Day 10 of the 17 seats went to IfF candidates. You can view the make-up of the Town Council here

Since the election the 10 Councilors and supporters have been busy changing the way the Council works and implementing a new strategy.

The councilors are backed by a much larger group who all want to see strong local representation, a voice being given to local people and the Town Council focusing on the issues that matter to the town.

We’re always on the lookout for more help. Why not click here and see how you could become involved or just to find out more.


independents for Frome (IfF) is a new way of working for local politics.

We’re not about parties or arguments or national issues. We field candidates from all backgrounds and with a range of different opinions. What unites us and enables us to work together is that we all care about one thing – what’s best for Frome.

IfF operates primarily at election times. It’s a way to enable truly independent candidates to stand – and win – in the local elections in Frome. The councillors elected are then able to work without party political ideology to make the best decisions they can for the town without a ‘whip’ or formal leadership.

In 2011, our first year of operation, IfF took control of Frome Town Council and in May 2015 all 17 IfF candidates were elected, an achievement replicated in 2019. They continue to use the Ways of Working which guided the selection process and which underpin our open, positive and constructive approach to local politics. You can see what they’ve been doing on the Frome Town Council website, and we’ve also listed some of the achievements we’re most proud of on here as well.