What is ifF?

What is IfF?

Independence for Frome (IfF) is a group of people who believe in simply doing what is good for their communities. By taking national party politics out of local politics we believe, and have now demonstrated, we can make a real positive difference to our town and our area.

We select our candidates based on their commitment to Frome and Somerset, their ability to work within our Ways of Working, and their enthusiasm and desire for change. This means our candidates have a wide range of opinions, views and perspectives – and an ability to make decisions based only on what is right for Frome.

A Brief History of IfF

Tired of national party politics, eleven years ago seven residents of Frome met in a local pub and decided to shake things up. They formed a group, released an initial statement outlining some founding principles, and, after a public meeting, Independents for Frome was formed.

We stood 17 candidates in the 2011 election, and won ten seats. In the 2015 and 2019 elections we won all 17 seats at both. We are standing 17 councillors for the Town Council again in 2022, and for the first time, two councillors for the new Unitary Somerset Council, one in Frome North and one in Frome East. 

Changes for IfF

IfF started as a movement to rise above party politics at a local level. Rather than follow instructions from Westminster, IfF is committed to a way of working with the community to encourage participation, independent thinking, problem-solving, honesty, positivity, and creativity.

Though IfF has recently had to become a major political party in our bid for a Unitary seat, be assured we will still be a group of people free of national party politics and answerable to no one but the people of Frome and the surrounding villages.