Elections 2022

On May the 5th 2022 local elections will be held across the UK.

Independents for Frome (IfF) are standing 17 candidates for all 17 seats on the Frome Town Council, and 2 candidates for the 6 Frome and surrounding villages seats on the new Unitary Somerset County Council.

For more information on the elections, other candidates, and how and where to vote please see Frome Town Council’s website.


As all but one Town Council ward is uncontested by other parties, individuals and groups in Frome, you will only be able to vote for IfF candidates for Town Council in Berkley Down Ward. There are three seats available in this ward, so you can vote for all our candidates: Ben Still, Anita Collier and Anne Hills.

You can find out about our candidates for other wards here. While you won’t be able to vote for them, they are all looking forward to getting to know their wards over the next few months – and hearing your thoughts and ideas for Frome.

If you unsure of which ward you live in you can see the maps here, or it will say on your Election Card.


If you live in Frome North or Frome East you will be able to vote for one of our candidates for the new Unitary Council: Steve Tanner in Frome North, and Scott Ward in Frome East. There are two seats available in each County Ward, so you will also be able to vote for one other person from another party.

If you unsure of which ward you live in you can find out here, or it will say on your Election Card.


This term’s candidates are eight women and nine men ranging in age from 23 to 74. IfF is a real mixture of people, made up of those who are ‘born and raised’ in Frome, those who have been here for decades, and those who have only recently made Frome their home. 

We also differ in experience as ten of our prospective candidates are new to the role, and seven are returning. IfF’s two candidates for Unitary have both served at least one term on the Town Council and are keen to use their experience to continue to support Frome, as well as those living beyond Frome’s boundaries. 

Between us we have a wide range of skills and expertise, and a great deal of involvement in and contribution to local organisations, charities and initiatives. These include, but are not limited to: The Frome Independent Market, Loop:Frome (a community regeneration project), The Frome Festival, Fair Housing for Frome, Fair Frome, SOS Frome, Mendip Homeshare, The Share Shop, Friends of Frome Station, WHY, Frome Rugby and Football Clubs, Broadway Community Allotments, and multiple school governorships. 

We also have a great deal of everyday working experience in our local government, our local first, middle and secondary schools, and in our theatres, shops, public services, food banks, police force, and restaurants. 

Such is our commitment to local government, one of our prospective candidates has even received an OBE for their services!

Find out more about our candidates on our News page.