Our Successes


Since 2011 we have strived to be a progressive and innovative town council, constantly challenging ourselves to be the best we can be. We are dedicated to a full and flourishing democracy in this town, welcoming ideas, thoughts, perspectives, and competing solutions to the problems we face. We believe there is no progress without participation

At the centre of our approach is the premise we work with the town, bringing people together who are already doing great things, and finding and encouraging people who want to do great things. We are fuelled by a belief in our communities, a commitment to forging relationships, and a focus on the things that truly matter here in Frome.

Above everything we want to be a Town Council for all of Frome.


Over the last eleven years, we have successfully led in:

Securing and improving our town assets, including The Cheese and Grain, our Market Place, the Town Hall, the Showfield, the Dippy, the Mount, and extending Rodden Meadow and enabling the community to purchase Whatcombe Fields.  

Supporting Frome families to get the help they need by creating FIND (the Family Information Network Directory). 

Contributing to Frome’s thriving local economy by raising the profile of the town, and supporting local independent shops, restaurants, cafes and businesses. 

Responding to the Coronavirus pandemic by supporting local businesses through signposting shop and restaurant collection and delivery options during lockdowns, providing food and medicine delivery, and organising the widely praised “Check in on your nearest 5 neighbours” initiative. 

Empowering the community to have a direct and meaningful say in how the town’s money is spent through the People’s Budget and community forums. 


In addition, our ifF-led Frome Town Council has acted as a connector and catalyst for commited local people to create solutions to the problems they are best able and positioned to solve. We bring people together, provide opportunities, resources and support, and encourage our local communities to help themselves and others. 

Through this approach we have also contributed to: 

Combating loneliness and isolation amongst older people alongside Frome Medical Practice, and Active and In Touch with a series of innovative initiatives, earning a reputation as “the town that cured loneliness”. This work has been proven to reduce emergency hospital admissions, and help people live in their own homes for longer. 

Enabling our young people to find work and develop skills while contributing to building a kinder, fairer and greener town through support for Edventure’s fantastic community enterprises. 

Supporting Frome residents experiencing poverty and deprivation by helping to establish Fair Frome, a group of dedicated people who champion greater financial, educational, health and social equality. 

Helping people be part of the solution to the climate emergency through sustainable initiatives such as offering e-bikes for hire, Share Boxes, the Share Shop and Community Fridge with Edventure, managing our green spaces in a way that encourages wildlife and biodiversity, organising community tree planting, and supporting projects such as hybrid vehicle rental, Frome renewable energy co-op and Solar Streets. 

Backing projects proposing the healthy and successful future development of our town such as Mayday Saxonvale.

Connecting people for help and support during the Coronavirus pandemic by encouraging the rapid expansion by local people of the now thriving Neighbourhood Networks.

Enhancing Frome Station through supporting a group of people, Frome Station Friends, to tidy-up and install attractive planters. Which in turn has prompted GWR to repaint the building. 


But mostly we are pleased to have changed the political landscape in the town, to have made local politics relevant and inspired more people to get involved, and to have increased the sense of community and connectedness here.

There is a real feel that Frome is a town where things can happen, ideas are brought to life, and it is possible to create the future we want. We are proud to be a part of that. 

(We’ve also won awards for our work, including Council of the Year in 2015 and ‘Quality Gold’ status, awarded by the Local Council Award Scheme.)