Meet the Candidates… Steve Tanner

Unitary candidate for Frome North and Town candidate for Innox

Over the last few years I’ve led Frome Town Council’s Planning Committee, fighting to help the voices of local people be heard above the noise of national party politics that currently dominates Somerset’s councils. I’ve seen how detrimental this lack of a voice can be to our communities, and how currently those who work in Taunton, or even Westminster, have more of a say in Somerset than the people who have built their lives here. 

I am running for Unitary because I believe there is a real opportunity for change with this new council, and I keen to make sure that the people of Frome finally have a real say in how things are done in Frome. 

 I am also running for Town council, as I am keen to continue my work on the planning committee, making sure that any developments that do take place in Frome are the very best we can get.


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