Meet the Candidates… Berkley Down Ward

Anita Collier

Since first moving to Frome in 1964, I’ve enjoyed immersing myself in local activities, whether that’s social events or the many community committees I’ve worked on – including Twinning and Fair Housing for Frome. 

I’m delighted to be standing for election again so that, through IFF, we can continue to involve people in the way the town grows and develops. I am passionate about community engagement, and am particularly proud of how Frome’s Neighbourhood Networks scheme is evolving, encouraging and enabling residents to support one another. 

I love getting to know residents and am looking forward to continuing to represent those within the ward of Berkley, as well as working with the town as a whole.

Anne Hills

I love living in Frome, and am particularly impressed by the community spirit I experience here. It is striking how much Frome has improved since the 1970’s when I was growing up in the town, and I believe the independence of our Town Council is at least part of the acceleration of this growth in recent years. 

While I am no longer in paid employment, I work voluntarily for a number of local organisations – including The Frome Independent, Share: Frome, and as a local magistrate. 

I would love the opportunity to continue to serve the people of Frome, and am particularly interested in enhancing the lives of the elderly, especially those without children to whom I can act as an advocate.

Ben Still

I recently co-founded the community regeneration project, Loop:Frome, which rethinks our resources by building a new circular economy within the town. Our initial project is focused on turning food waste from Frome’s restaurants into living compost to regenerate our local soils.  

I have a deep interest in systems design and new types of political organisation, and am keen to help expand and evolve Frome’s independence and participatory democracy. 

I was born in Frome, am a writer, poet and visual artist, as well as a student of holistic healing with a passion for how we can generate well-being in our community.


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