Poetry for Independents by Crysse Morrison

When fatcats hogged the piggybank, and we paid for unjust wars

with cuts in jobs and services, and even Radio 4

Tesco looming like an ogre, the Arts all facing closure –

But Frome is independent, we’re Mavericks R Us,

& we’re reclaiming our town, from lamps to paving stones.

Bandits in the street, gnomes fishing in the leat

Performances in pubs and bars,

Carnival, – Festival – local media stars

Independent shops for music books and frocks

and a democratic council looking after each detail

– a David, facing the Goliath of multi-national retail.

Now resistance has gone viral, there’s insistence to be heard

across the world, as thousands rally to one word:

The global cry is OCCUPY!  Let the people seize the day!

Well, here in Frome we’ve been positively occupied since May!

Thanks to our good friend and resident Frome poet and writer Crysse Morrison for this contribution.


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