We’re having an open meeting…

Independents for Frome was set up with the sole idea that the people of this town could and should be trusted with deciding what is best for the town instead of mebers of political parties being sent instructions and guidelines from a centralised party HQ.

a massive part of making sure that the ifF group stays true to that mandate is to touch base with the town and a lot of this is done in the public Town Council meetings that anyone can attend. We also need to think about how ifF works for the town going into the next few years as we face unprecendented and unknown knock on effects from the pandmemic and Brexit as well as establishing a new and hopefully productive relationship with the incoming Unitary Council.

So on Tuesday 18th January, Independents for Frome will be holding an open meeting at The Cheese and Grain. We’re inviting members of the public to join us from 7pm to discuss the past three years as an independent Town Council.

We’d love to hear feedback from residents about things we’ve done right, things we could improve on and ideas for the future. We’ll also be talking about the future of the independents for Frome group in upcoming elections. This would be a great time for anyone who may be interested in standing as a candidate for Frome Town Council to come along and find out what being a Councillor is all about.

Frome has a decade strong history of the Town Council being uninfluenced by Westminster party politics and with Somerset about to transofrm into a Unitary Council, it’s more important than ever for the people of Frome to decide how our town grows and changes for the future.


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