Meet the Candidates… College Ward

Andy Jones

Since I arrived here four years ago people have made me feel so welcome, and I’ve been able to involve myself in so much of what happens in this vibrant and caring town. I am governor at Critchill School, a trustee of Frome Festival, and am working with the Neighbourhood Network. 

But I am also very aware that we need to find a balanced way forward as the town grows and evolves, which is why I have also become involved with both Fair Housing for Frome, and SOS Frome. These projects have helped me to understand the tensions between the need to protect biodiversity in our green places, and the need to provide truly affordable, secure homes that will allow our communities to thrive. 

I am pleased and proud to have been selected as a candidate for Independents for Frome as I believe party politics has no place in local democracy. I want to be free to support the policies and initiatives that I believe will benefit Frome and it’s residents. 

Tracey Ashford

I moved to Frome nearly 20 years ago, and would not want to live anywhere else! I was bought up in the Midlands, and worked in a touring community theatre company before moving to London and working in TV for many years. 

Since moving to the South West I have spent 10 years in event-management, run weekly children’s drama workshops, and co-founded a comedy club, as well as spending a year as a teaching assistant. I now work as a freelance PR/comms professional for local organisations, including Purple Elephant CIC, a charitable organisation which supports local families. 

This work, particularly providing support for families struggling during the pandemic, has driven me to seek more social inclusion and better opportunities for disadvantaged families in Frome. Right now the number of families struggling to meet their basic needs due to poverty here is something that really needs more attention drawn to, in contrast to the media image portrayed of Frome as a thriving and prosperous town. 

My personal passion is theatre, and I am a firm believer that the arts enhance our lives, as well as helping to build resilience, confidence, and empathy. I would like to see increased accessibility to the arts, and sport, for everyone. 

Sara Butler

I work as a wildlife friendly gardener around Frome, and am passionate about our local environment and wildlife. As such I have really enjoyed being involved in local projects to help clean up and improve our green spaces, and ensure we are providing and maintaining habitats for wildlife to thrive. 

I am also passionate about challenging inequality and poverty, and think that localism and local policy making are vital tools to help create fairer communities. 

I find this town a hugely exciting and engaging place to live, full of brilliant creative and imaginative people. I love the local art and music scenes, and am also in a band.


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