Meet the Candidates… Market Ward

Mel Usher

I was one of the original founders of IfF and after a break I hope to get elected again to assist with the transition to a new unitary Council for Somerset. 

This is a very important time for Frome as we may finally be able to bring some decisions and services to a more local level. I have a wealth of experience in local government, management, and consultancy. I am particularly concerned about the town centre, poverty, economic opportunities, and effective decision making.

Mark Dorrington

I first came to live in Frome with my family in 1962, and worked for local employer Cuprinol in the 70s. As the decline in Frome’s industry accelerated, I decided I would have a better future away from the town, so I moved to London where I served as a police officer for 30 years. 

In 2010, I retired and returned to my home town, keen to give something back to the community. I became one of the first trustees of Fair Frome, a post I still hold, and regularly attended Town Council meetings as a member of the public. I was elected to the council through a by-election in 2018. 

My time on the council, and particularly as deputy mayor and then mayor, has given me access to all walks of Frome life and a much deeper understanding of how the town works. My other interests include membership of the Frome Tunnels Project, a committee member of the Trinity Community Group, and hosting pub quizzes around the town!


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