Care Home Canvassing – Everyone’s vote matters

Two of Independents for Frome’s candidates are making sure that older people don’t get left out of the forthcoming local elections.

Anita Collier and Anne Hills visit voters in the towns care homes.

4% of the voting population are residents in care homes, but their voter registration can sometimes be forgotten when they move in.  This has been recognised as a problem by the Electoral Commission, because everyone has a right to vote.

Anne Hills and Anita Collier are both passionate about making sure that the voices of elderly people are heard, so that they have their needs catered for by the council.  As a first step they are liaising with all the care homes in Frome to ensure that any resident who wants to, is able to vote.

“I really want to make sure that no one gets excluded from their right to vote,” said Ann.  “I’ve contacted each care home in the town, and we will offer assistance to them and their residents if they need help with the registration form.”


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